Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chinese Fire Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo - What do you mean?
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Dragon Tattoo is the most popular tattoo shop in the myth of animal requirements. People find themselves interested in power, grace and spirituality. History and long tradition of dragon almost every culture around the world. This allows them to almost anyone interested in whether they do not even consider the tattoo. Long temptation, especially the real Chinese dragon tattoo. One can not tear their eyes away from it.

While the dragon is often depicted in fairy tales bloodthirsty and cruel fire-breathing monster, the dragon symbolizes the opposite. Affectionately known as the Chinese people are descendants of the dragon because the dragon was considered to be intelligent, kind and friendly. They are said to bring much needed rain. The dragon is a snake, the most often do not have wings. They also have five claws. Chinese Dragon is a very specific design. They have 117, 81 positive (yang), while 36 were negative (United Kingdom).

More than 100 names are ancient dragon. Select a Chinese dragon tattoo will require extensive research and a lot of patience. This is well worth the effort, there is a real person to tattoo This shows who you are. Here is just to give you some consideration. Chi is the dragon is said to be the leader in all aquatic animals. Denon is a celestial dragon that guards heaven. Dragon is the god of thunder and lightning, which controls the weather and the Dragon King is the universal divine ruler. There are more - these are just the taste!

Also classified as colored dragon king. White Dragon is a pure and good. Black Dragon hidden in the mysterious deep waters of Long Lean blessing to lakes, Green Dragon is actively listening to all these and any request Huanglong the most compassionate.

This is only the king's sub-category into a number of dragon. Chinese dragon tattoo can be described literally hundreds of one of history.

Chinese dragon tattoo, whether you choose, make sure it is done well, generous. It is taboo in Chinese culture, ugly dragon. It is seen as very disrespectful. To true the whole process to ensure that you have a tattoo artists on this issue, in particular good knowledge. In China the dragon is a symbol of power and strength. This is the respect and distorted it will undoubtedly hit the soft spot.

Long history of those who create the most beautiful and most mysterious creatures of some of the rich. They are mysterious and attractive. These characteristics make them exceptional tattoo. Any Chinese dragon tattoo will become a conversation. If you do research, and you can wow with your subject knowledge. They will be pleasantly surprised the amount of thought and preparation into your tattoo. This will be not just displays. This will be a statement about you and your.

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